Good morning and welcome to World Hope Worship Center! It is a joy to gather for worship, fellowship and the sharing of God’s Word. My prayer is that each of us experience the presence of God today and that we receive exactly what we have need of today.

Today marks the nineteenth day of our 21 Days of Fasting and Prayer. I hope that you have been challenged physically and spiritually as you have set aside time during this season to seek the Lord and to recalibrate in your walk with Him. Any time that God’s people set their hearts to seek the Lord there is a special grace upon their lives, after all it is God who says that if we seek Him, we will find Him. God does not play Hide-n-Seek, but we do have to lay aside our self interests to pursue Him. Again God isn’t hiding nor has He changed His address, we tend to drift in our walk with Him and our awareness of His presence and His voice in our lives and that is why times like these are important for us.

As we wrap up this season of prayer and fasting my hope is that we will continue to daily seek God and draw closer to Him. If we do, we will require less “recalibration” and receive more of His gracious blessings and presence in our daily walk.

Seeking Jesus together,

Pastor Bob

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