Good morning and welcome to World Hope Worship Center! It is a joy to worship the Lord with you today. My prayer is that each of our lives are touched and impacted today as we fellowship, pray, worship and share God’s Word.

In recent weeks I have been sharing about our ministry theme for the year, “Sharing Hope 2020.” There are so many ways that we can share hope and so many people who live around us that are desperate for a ray of hope in their life. God has chosen you and I to be ambassadors of the hope we have discovered in Jesus.

Today our guest speaker, George Cline, Emissary for Foursquare Missions International will be helping us as we share hope through reaching out to others. So often we falsely identify “missions” as leaving home and traveling to another nation to share the Gospel. While that is true, missions is also about reaching out to those that God has strategically placed in our sphere of influence. I pray that the Holy Spirit would give each of us a new boldness to share the hope of Jesus and share it with clarity and conviction as we seek to touch those around us.

Sharing Hope in 2020,

Pastor Bob

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