This week during a time of reflection, I asked myself, “Why do I go to church?” I understand in our English language the word “Church” has multiple meanings. It is a place we go, something we do, something we are as well as the name for the  Family of God. Why is it important for me to be a part of the Church through my participation at a scheduled time to gather? I came up with three quick answers:


1) I attend church because I want to. It is not because I have to. I know attending church is part of a pastor’s job, but even if it wasn’t I would still want to attend church.

2) I attend church to worship and spend time with people that I know and love. One exciting element of attending church is getting to see my friends, people I have a relationship with. Yes, I really do care for and about the people I attend church with.

3) I attend church to experience God’s presence. We can experience God’s presence at any time and in any place. But there is something special about encountering the presence of God as a part of a gathering of God’s people and sharing that life transforming experience together. 


There are many more reasons that I attend church; perhaps the most important reason is because I love Jesus and desire to obey and serve Him with all my heart. These may sound like a few rambling thoughts, but understand Jesus desires all of our heart and all of our life. As we surrender fully to Him we begin to live God’s best in our lives. 




Pastor Bob


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