Last weekend we hosted a missions conference on Saturday that had participants from twelve area Foursquare Churches. Though the emphasis may have been called “missions” the challenge was clear for each of us to be responsible to share the hope of Jesus in our setting and our world. On Sunday Missionaries George and Nancy Cline challenged us to step out of our comfort zones and obey God, even when it is difficult and challenging.George told us that if we don’t need God’s help to fulfil our dreams then they are not dreams from God.

It was an intriguing set up for my new sermon series that I will be starting next Sunday, “Living God’s Best.” Several years ago I read a book that took one of my favorite Bible stories, Peter and Jesus walking on the water, and developed a masterful challenge to live out God’s best in my life. The title of the book was, If You Want to Walk on Water You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat, by John Ortberg.

The Bible and history and filled with the stories of people who lived out God’s best for their lives, but each of them had to first take a step of faith and get out of their comfort zones; Peter, Moses, Gideon, Paul, David, etc. God has a plan for you and me and it involves His best and it will require us to get out of our “boats” of comfort and safety and follow Him.

It is going to be a great few weeks and I look forward to the stories we will share as we step out in faith and pursue God best!

Pastor Bob

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