In recent weeks we have talked a lot about hope; how we share hope, the hope we have in Jesus and how that hope shapes how we live. The bottom line is that our hope and our lives are anchored, or should be anchored, in the promises of God for our lives.

This past week we started a new study on Wednesday night titled, “Unshakable Hope.” It is a twelve week study from Max Lucado about the promises of God and how our lives are shaped and anchored in the Lord and the promises of His Word. Jesus instructs His followers to build their houses upon the rock and not the sand. As the storms of life come, the house built on the sand will get washed away while the one on the rock will stand firm on a solid foundation. 

In recent days a song from the contemporary Christian music group “Building 429” has become a favorite for me. The song title is “We Won’t be Shaken.” The lyrics that run through my mind are, “Whatever will come our way, through fire or pouring rain, no, we won’t be shaken. Whatever tomorrow brings together we will sing that we won’t be shaken. We will trust in You, we will not be moved. We will trust in you and we won’t be shaken.”

There are going to be storms in our lives; seasons of dryness, difficulty and challenges are going to happen. When our lives are built on the unshakable hope that we find only in Jesus Christ, we won’t be shaken or moved because our foundation is solid and our lives are anchored in Him.

There will always be room for you in the study. Join us Wednesday nights at 6:30PM.

Anchored in Jesus!

Pastor Bob

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