Hello and welcome to World Hope Worship Center. It is truly a privilege to worship the Lord together today. I pray that each of us experience the touch of the Holy Spirit in our lives and the warmth of God’s love as we worship, pray and fellowship together.

There are experiences in our lives that we enjoy reliving and retelling to friends and loved ones. Experiences that keep us energized, excited and focused. We all have them, whether a special occasion, and life changing event or maybe just a good time.

Last Sunday’s worship service was one of those times for me. I have thought about how the Holy Spirit moved in our hearts and lives Sunday, and during the week. I have heard a few testimonies of answered prayer and I look forward to hearing many more. As we sang in the song “Way Maker,” God is working in this place!

One of the many amazing things about serving God is that each day is a new day; as great as yesterday may have been, or despite how bad it may seem, today is a brand new day with brand new opportunities to experience God’s goodness and grace; “His mercies are new every morning.” As great as last Sunday may have been, we can enjoy and cherish the memory, but God has something new and fresh for you today. Receive it by faith and walk in God’s blessing for today and for your life.

Thankful for God’s fresh blessings!
Pastor Bob

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