In the world of college basketball March is known as “March Madness.” It is called that because of the conference and national tournaments. They are often wild because any team playing has the potential to win and the underdog can go from just getting into the tournament to champion. The team with the best record doesn’t always win.

March of 2020 is filled with a different kind of “madness.” With the hype and hysteria surrounding COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, the plunging stock market, the suspension of the remainder of the basketball season by the NBA, travel restrictions, schools and colleges closing or going to “online studies” etc. It may feel as if the proverbial “sky is falling.” But it is not!

In the midst of the “March Madness” we can remain calm and confident in the unshakable hope that we have in Jesus. Despite the  raging storm all around us, God is still in control. He hasn’t abandoned us and He has not been caught off guard by what is going on around us. So stay calm and be prepared; there is no need to “freak out” or go on a binge shopping trip. The media may make is sound as if the world is coming to an end, things are changing and you may be called upon to adjust how you live life, but be wise and understand the times in which we live and understand what you are to do, and pray! Pray for the sick, the grieving and pray that the Lord would put a stop to this virus and that He would keep sickness and disease far from you.

Trusting God in the midst of the madness,

Pastor Bob